Custom Printed Erasable Wallcovering

Custom Printed Write-a-Wall Erasable Wallcovering

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Custom Printed Write-a-Wall Erasable Wallcovering

SKU: AA30ND-C (High Gloss) and AB30ND-C (Low Gloss)

Promote limitless brainstorming and imagination by transforming your space into a creative outlet with a Custom Printed Write-a-Wall Erasable Wallcovering! This wallcovering can be custom printed with high quality digital images and colors embedded under the dry erase surface for maximum protection.

The dry erase material is installed the same as any commercial-grade vinyl wallcovering. By adhering vertical strips floor-to-ceiling, you can cover just one wall or an entire room. Panels can also be installed in a “railroad” pattern if you prefer the panels to be horizontal. Transform any wall into a creative hub or decorative space with a Custom Printed Write-a-Wall!

Whiteboard wallpaper is a convenient format to interact with team members. No more wasted space in your building: it’s functional and decorative.

Printed, non-ghosting Write-A-Wall – Yes, you can write on the wall!



Please allow 10-15+ business days for custom projects.
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Product Specifications

  • Width: 54″ and 60″
  • Length: Various custom lengths
  • Custom widths and lengths available upon request
  • Surface Finish: White with custom printed graphics and High Gloss Dry Erase or Low Gloss (Matte) Wet Erase
  • Backing: Nonwoven
  • Thickness: 18.5 mil
  • Fire Rating: Class A

Features & Benefits

√  Decorative and Functional Wall Solutions!

√  Commercial-Grade Product!

√  Customizable for any Application or Theme!

√  Ordering is Fast and Easy! 

If you can imagine it, we can create it! Let us bring your ideas to life!
  • Covers wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling or any flexible wall customization – Entire wall is writable!
  • Superior quality, durability, stain resistance and easy maintenance
  • Permanent marker can be erased easily – Can be cleaned with harsh chemicals (e.g. for R&D labs, healthcare)
  • Compatible with interactive technology or used as projection screens
  • Cost-effective when compared to paint and other wallcovering options
  • Passes ASTM E-84 Flammability Test as Class A for flame spread and smoke generation
  • 10 Year Warranty!
  • Made in the USA!


  • Waiting Rooms/Reception Areas
  • Hallways/Lobbies/Lounges
  • Classrooms/Collaborative Rooms
  • Conference rooms to display brainstorming sessions, meeting agendas, business logos, contracts, legal documents, etc.
  • Meeting & training areas to display court and field layouts, game schedules, team rosters, and more
  • Think tanks where the options are limitless
  • Operational walls/panels to display pertinent information
  • Architecture, both in the planning of projects and installation
  • Educational facilities to relay class schedules, seating charts, homework assignments, and more
  • Projection screens
  • Graphic design environments where brainstorming and notes can be scribbled directly over images without damaging their integrity

File Downloads

Artwork Specifications

Submit your own artwork files or let our graphics team do the designing for you!
See Artwork Specifications for more information.


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