Technical Performance

Everase offers specifically engineered dry erase surfaces designed to provide you with excellent writability and erasability. Learn more about the technical performance of our scratch, chemical, stain, heat, and wear resistant products.

Characteristic Property Result
Writeability Use of any dry erase, fluorescent, semi-permanent, and permanent markers and crayons will not damage the Everase surface Better than comparable products
Erasability Dry erasability using Boone 30 day test method 5 lbs/3 rubs or better with all tested dry erase markers*
Gloss at 60 degrees using BYK Gardner / Micro-TRI-Gloss Test Method 100%
Visibility Excellent contrast compared to chalkboards Allows for multi-color presentations Excellent
Printability Excellent marker pen printability and erasability Better than other products
Non-ghosting, non-yellowing product
Both permanent and dry erase markers can be used for permanent and temporary information but then cleaned easily
Durability Scratch resistance using Hoffman Scratch Test 700
Hardness – Pencil using ASTM D3363-74 7H
Wearability Abrasion resistance using Taber Abrasion / 500 g – CS-10 Wheel 500 cycles
Wear resistance using BYK Gardner Sled 5000 cycles
Stain Resistance NEMA LD3-2000 3-4 Stain Resistance Report Coffee, Tea, Mustard – 0 (No effect)
Black permanent marker – 0 (No effect)
# 2 Pencil, Wax Crayon, Lipstick – 0 (No effect)
Chemical Resistance ASTM D-1308 Method B-24 Report Glass Cleaner – No stain
Rubbing alcohol – No stain
MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) – No stain

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