About Everase

Everase – Dry Erase Resurfacing Material

Everase is a signature brand of the EVERWhite Corporation. This platinum product is the pioneer of dry erase resurfacing materials. There is no other product out there that can compete with Everase because of its one-of-a-kind, superior finish – for the secret is the surface! Our surface delivers unsurpassed erasability, unparalleled brightness, advanced stain & scratch resistance, and superb performance. For this reason, Everase is a standalone product set apart from any other product in the market.

Our founder, M.J. Dani holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering, and has two U.S. patents to his credit, and more than 40 years of industrial R&D and manufacturing experience. EVERWhite Corporation is a whiteboard manufacturer and seller, acquired by M.J. Dani in November 2020.

In keeping with our founder’s philosophy, we continuously strive to develop innovative solutions that deliver measurable results for our customers’ needs. Our vast experience covers a multitude of markets, giving us the ability to enhance any environment. Beyond the classroom, our solutions are tailored to all corporations and businesses, including healthcare, hospitality, government, sports, and graphic/signage.

Everase is the most cost-effective way to bring Dry Erase Surfaces to your industry – a fast and easy solution to increase productivity, creativity, and overall communication in any setting. As budgets continue to shrink in schools, Everase is the most affordable way to update your dry erase technology without the expense of removing and replacing old, stained, and ghosted solutions of the past.

As we so often hear Mr. Dani tell the Everase team, “I expect every customer to be thrilled with the performance of their Everase product.” Each job function within Everase exists to make that goal come true.

Everase is manufactured in our plant located in Warminster, Pa. (Bucks County, just north of Philadelphia) and has a 10-year manufacturer warranty.


No one offers a whiter, longer lasting surface. Want proof?

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