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Dry Erase Resurfacing Solutions

Convert old chalkboards and stained whiteboards into new presentation boards with a bright, clean dry erase surface by resurfacing with Everase’s whiteboard resurfacing materials, or with our retro-fitting boards that can be installed over old boards.

When you use our whiteboard resurfacing solutions, you get boards that look like new but at a fraction of the cost of new wall-mounted dry erase boards. One roll of resurfacing material is enough to place a new whiteboard skin on numerous old boards. Our resurfacing film is easily trimmed, so it will fit over virtually any size of existing blackboard or old whiteboard.

Our products include resurfacing film that is plain white, or pr-printed with penmanship lines, music staves, and grid lines. See our whiteboard resurfacing material options below, or call 800-494-5677 to discuss how our dry erase films can renew your boards or how our retro-fit boards easily fit over old boards.