From educational facilities to collaborative work environments, restaurants, and even homes, we’ve helped countless customers across America find the Dry Erase Solution that’s right for them. Everase customer’s love our take on the dry erase world – see what they have to say about our products:


We were unable to take down our chalkboards due to asbestos in the mastic adhesive. The Everase product goes right over our existing chalkboards and were well received by the students and teachers.

Dr. William J. McCusker - President
Cardinal O’Hara High School - Springfield, PA
The teachers are very happy with the product that we’ve chosen. They enjoy the cleaner look, the brightness in the room,and the fact that it works well with the interactive boards that we have.

Rich Chiappa - PC Technician
Wilson Area School District - Easton, PA
The number one way that we’ve benefited from Everase is because of the number of computers we have in this school, there’s significantly less chalk dust in our classrooms.

Dr. William J. McCusker - President
Cardinal O’Hara High School - Springfield, PA
Most of the positive feedback has come from the students. Some students had allergies, so they didn’t like to inhale the chalk dust or feel the residue on their hands. Now they actually want to come up and participate. I like that Everase is not just a writing surface but doubles as a projector screen.

Turika Pulliam - Physical Science and Chemistry Teacher
Olney West High School - Philadelphia, PA
After several years, our boards have remained in good condition. There’s been no ghosting; great visibility and the boards have brightened up our classrooms.

Mike Walls - IT Director
Archbishop Wood High School - Warminster, PA
Everase white boards have led to savings in both cost and time for our maintenance department. The students and faculty maintain the boards themselves. It’s easy for us.

Ken Smith - Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds
Daniel Boone Area School District - Birdsboro, PA
I’m writing to let you know how pleased we are with our order from Everase. Your custom white boards have made a wonderful addition to our conference room and have provided us with style and functionality. I laugh at myself now thinking of all the time I spent with art tape creating grids on white boards that I bought at an office supply store. If I had only known that for virtually the same cost I could have hired Everase to provide me with a much higher quality product, we would have been customers a long, long time ago. Keep up the good work!

Jason E. Jaworski – President and Owner
Passanante’s Home Food Services - Bristol, PA
Everase was a very cost effective alternative to buying new white boards. They also appear to be easier to clean and leave little to no ghosting of erased work. Great deal overall.

Greg Ellsworth – Principal
Tunkhannock HS - Tunkhannock, PA
The Everase employees were so helpful and knowledgeable! We truly appreciate the generosity. We would love to do all of our rooms with their remarkable product!

Patti Zanghi – Director of Religious Education
St. John Neumann Church - Lancaster, PA
Everase’s product has enabled us to cost effectively update the chalkboards in our classrooms to state-of-the-art, erasable whiteboards. Their technicians are very professional. I would be glad to talk with anyone about this product and how well it works!

Charles J. Kleinschmidt – Technology Director
Archbishop Wood HS - Warminster, PA
I love the idea that we have the opportunity to try out the product before making a decision. The sales call was informative and I even had the most reluctant staff member try it out. She was sold on it so this is probably something we will be working on to budget going forward.

Robin Conboy – Principal
St. Isidore School - Quakertown, PA
The board is beautiful and erases easily and without smears and smudges. No cleaner is needed. I am very pleased with the quality of the board!

Emily Lyons – Teacher
Quigley Catholic High School - Baden, PA
The installers were friendly and patient. Any issues were fixed straight away and they were able to explain why if they couldn't fix them. (Staff lines on our old boards were embedded in and couldn’t be removed, our fault, not the installers!)

Richard Hamilton – IT Support Specialist
Stewartstown Elementary School - Fawn Grove, PA


The magnetic white boards are high quality and the teachers love them.

Cindy Praytor – Principal
Mount Hope School - Mount Hope, AL


Here is a photo of the product. Looks good so far. Thanks for all your help!

Lynnea Rogers
Chick-fil-A - Phoenix, AZ


For several years, I struggled with a board that was worn out. I could no longer fully erase markers regardless of the product and was contemplating covering the board with paper. I have a Smartboard attached to the middle of my whiteboard, which had made it difficult to replace, so your product was the perfect solution. My principal and I applied the film ourselves, as I was too excited to see the results to wait until maintenance staff could do so. It was a bit more difficult than applying shelf paper, but not much more so. We were able to customize the fit around the Smartboard and had plenty of material to go from edge to edge using items I had in my desk — an Exact-o-knife and a credit card. In my 4th week of using it, my only regret is that we did not try this sooner. My board is white, beautiful, and usable again. I use it extensively — for permanently posted schedules, daily agendas, and assignment charts marked off using painter’s tape. Nothing I have put onto the board has marred the finish. Both black and colored white board markers erase easily and completely. The front of my classroom looks clean and professional again and I am able to fully use my board for the first time in years! Thank you!

Susan Allen – Teacher
Oak View High School - Oak Park, CA
The film is super easy to apply and it looks great and performs great too. Our teachers love their new whiteboards!!!

Dave Humphrey – Buildings & Grounds Director
Acalanes Union HSD - Lafayette, CA
Instead of storing old chalkboards in the corner, the bookroom, or a closet, bring them back to life with Everase!

Freida Smith – Principal
Nora Sterry Elementary School - Los Angeles, CA
Everase's product saved us a lot of money in whiteboard replacement! And almost three years later, it still looks great and works great. Outstanding, these folks. Outstanding!

Matt Bryant – Maintenance
Fremont Union HS - Sunnyvale, CA


The board looks fantastic - the church congregation is so thankful for the work you and your team put into it. Thanks again!

Chris & Lisa Peters
Legacy Chapel - Highlands Ranch, CO.
This was easy to install and the quality of the material is great. Helps small school districts with costs and installation.

Sara Walkinshaw – Business Manager
Arickaree School District R-2 - Anton, CO
It provided a quick way to cover chalk boards and is still working one year later.

Jesse Downey
Douglas County School District RE-1 - Castle Rock, CO


The Everase whiteboards are an outstanding product. Everyone at Everase is very professional. They made the entire process painless.

Ronald Remy
Blackham School - Bridgeport, CT
We are very pleased with our Everase product. The company was able to work within our budget and provide a very good product for the cost. The work was performed in an efficient manner and our teachers really like the product.

Paul Newton – Principal
Enrico Fermi High School - Enfield, CT
The installation process went very well. The Everase staff was very professional and patient as we made some changes to our initial plan. The few installation issues we had were resolved quickly and to our satisfaction. I would recommend Everase to colleagues without hesitation.

Mario Ciccarini – Principal
Bradley School - Derby, CT
The sales representative was professional, informative as he worked on an old blackboard. We discussed the video on Everase's website that demonstrated the process. It is a chemical free process and it was not only amazing how fast it was covered but the quality of the product is outstanding!

Noveline Beltram – Principal
Mary R. Fisher Elementary School - Thompson, CT


We are very happy with this board because of the quality and it is a lot better to use a printed dry erase board because it looks a lot better and the grid does not peel off  and I know they last a lot longer because we have purchased this type of boards before.  Thank you.

Felipe Clavijo
Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children - Wilmington, DE


The first application of the Everase material was in an advanced math classroom where the faculty wanted a 36’ long surface without any seams. It was a challenge for the physical plant department being it was their first encounter with the product but it was successfully installed and the math faculty is very pleased that they can now write extensive mathematical formulas without having to skip over seams. The product is so well liked that other departments are requesting that their white and chalk boards receive the same treatment. The Social Sciences department purchased a 100’ roll for the classrooms and then requested additional material to finish the entire building. I plan on continuing to purchase the Everase material as other departments request the upgrade. The material installs easily and cleans very well. I can recommend the product without any hesitation.

Michael Bobbin – Executive Director of Campus Services
Jacksonville University - Jacksonville, FL


Everase has provided us with an economical solution to transform our remaining chalkboards into high quality whiteboards. Besides the practicality of the change, the renovated boards have contributed to the aesthetic quality of our classrooms.

Janette Snelling
Kohala HS - Kapaau, HI


Purchased 7 overlays for our whiteboards. They were perfect, better than I thought they would be. Pleasantly surprised!

Richard Kolling
Signode Industrial - Glenview, IL
I love the product and I look forward to putting it in my other classrooms. Marty is great!

Mary Kathryn H Warco
St. James the Apostle - Diocese of Joliet - Glen Ellyn, IL


Our Teachers are SO EXCITED about the Everase White Boards!! It was so amazing to witness the ease of installation and the quality of workmanship!! We at Saint Vincent, thank you!!!

Bruce Cadwell – Buildings & Grounds Director
St. Vincent Catholic School - Fort Wayne, IN
Great product! Our teachers love using Everase Dry Erase White Boards!! They are so easy to clean and the children enjoy writing on them!!!

William Hurst – Principal
Hoosier Road Elementary School - Fishers, IN
The installation crew was very professional and informative. They were efficient and cleaned up after they finished.

Connie Rosenberger – Principal
Union County High School - Liberty, IN
Joe was extremely friendly and knowledgeable when presenting and installing the overlay. Our teacher loves the board and ease to clean.

Scott Miller – Principal
Middlebury Elementary School - Middlebury, IN
Best white board product we have installed over our old chalkboards. Installation and end product is outstanding!

Randal Judd – Principal
Connersville Senior High School - Connersville, IN


Everase is a high-quality solution. The surface is better than many of our commercially-made boards, which we paid 4-5 times as much.

Phil Bressler – Principal
Paola HS - Paola, KS


It is a quality product that can turn a chalkboard into a very useful whiteboard.

Jon Reid – Principal
Hendron Lone Oak ES - West Paducah, KY


They are exactly what we needed.  Very good quality.  Thank you for the help.

Michael Ryan
Barriere Construction - Laplace, LA


The board has brightened up the classroom and eliminated chalk dust! The students are excited to write on the board and it cleans off beautifully.

Rose Folio - Teacher
St. Ursula School - Baltimore, MD


When I walked into my classroom this morning and saw the new whiteboard the first thing that came to my mind was WOW!!! I can't believe how it brightens up the room. First and foremost, however, was the professional installation by Paul Reyes and his assistant. The fit and finish is impeccable. They must have removed the chalk trays because there is no way they could have installed the white board over them without making precise cuts.

Russ Mann - Teacher
Peabody Veterans Memorial HS - Peabody, MA.
The cling application is terrific, particularly over built-in chalkboards like we have.

Amy Clouter – Principal
Calvin Coolidge - Shrewsbury, MA


Very smooth surface. Works well with our short throw projectors that convert white boards into smartboards.

Kelly Vella – Secretary
Huron Valley SD - Highland, MI


Our whites boards are up for several weeks now and they look great!  And the bottle of whiteboard cleaner we ordered is helping as well. Read more..

Lew Grobe
Saint John's Abbey Wood Working - Collegeville, MN.
We purchased this board for the College of Business Hallway in Somsen Hall. We wanted to give our students the opportunity to be creative and describe their Create Your More experience here at WSU.

Kim Vogen
Winona State University - Winona, MN.


Excellent, teacher was able to install it without the help of maintenance.

Robert Winters – Principal
Houston Lower Elementary - Houston, MS


We have used a few different products throughout our District. After converting approximately 30,000 linear feet of chalkboards, we would agree that Everase is a great value.

Jennifer Valenti
Omaha Public Schools - Omaha, NE

New Jersey

Mike really knows the product and takes the time to explain it to the teacher. I have worked with Mike Reid in a previous district. He did a great job for me then and he did the same thing this time. Thank you, Mike! The board went up with ease and not only improved the overall look of the classroom but provided additional instructional space for the teacher.

Richard Rampolla
Middlesex Public School - Middlesex, NJ
The product is fantastic; the transformation from our old, dull green board to the crisp, new white board is amazing. Mike Reid, the sales manager and installer did a great job and knows his product and company thoroughly. The math teacher loves her new board. I especially liked the last comment because it is my hope as well.

Raymond Metzger – Facility Manager
Collegiate School - Passiac, NJ
The new whiteboard has many of the students and teachers excited. They are all asking to be next, so I hope we can make that happen. I thought you might like to hear some of the comments the 7th and 8th graders made today when they got to use the new board. I especially liked the last comment because it is my hope as well.
  • "I like the whiteboard better than the chalkboard because they're cleaner and my OCD won’t bother me with streaks. They're easier to see"
  • "I like the whiteboard because it's quieter, easier to read, cleaner, it writes a lot smoother and neater. NO CHALK DUST."
  • "I like the whiteboard better because it is easier to write on you don't hear when you write, and there will be no more sounds of nails on the chalkboard."
  • "I love the new whiteboard. It's easy to see from far back. It doesn't make a noise when writing. It also doesn't have leftover chalk marks so we can see all the math problems"
  • "I like the white board since there won't be any more stray streaks that bother me to my soul"
  • "I like the whiteboard better then the blackboard because it is easier to see from the back of the room. I also think it’s a lot cleaner and easier to write on."
  • "I think the whiteboard looks a lot cleaner than the chalkboard. It will be a lot easier to clean and it will bring life to the classroom and definitely make math more fun!"
  • "It felt really nice writing on the board. It felt smooth and soft writing. I like it better than the chalkboard because you don't have to worry about the chalk dust. I hope we can get the new boards in every classroom."

Claire Whittaker – Vice Principal
St. Mary School - Williamstown, NJ
I'd like to personally thank you for the opportunity of having an Everase board installed in our school at Perth Amboy Catholic Primary. It was amazing to learn how it was to be placed! It's a great need when so many children have respiratory illnesses. It was a pleasure to also meet Mike Reid, one of your regional sales managers. He was so pleasant. Could have sold you the Brooklyn Bridge! But rather was an excellent rep. for Everase! You should be proud of him. Hopefully, in the near future, we may be able to acquire Everase for a few more classrooms. Thank you again!

Sister Beverly Policastro – Principal
Perth Amboy Catholic Primary - Perth Amboy, NJ
First, I would like to thank you for your time in walking to each room and inspecting the boards. Our building was built in 1996, and the installation of the chalkboards and bulletin boards were attached directly to the infrastructure of the building, thus making it difficult to remove them from the walls without further damage and much expense. Secondly, your knowledge about the existing whiteboards that I had in the building and their durability made it easier for me to explain to my administrators about not needing to replace them. Your opinion mattered! Also I have to comment that your knowledge as well as enthusiasm of the product was great. I thoroughly enjoyed your consultation. The installment crew was clean, efficient, and well-prepared. The custodians didn’t mind opening doors at all. I emailed the teachers to see how everything was working out in their classrooms after the installation of the Everase material. I would like to share a few of the comments that I have received from my teaching staff at Williamstown High School. Below are a few of the comments.
  • “I really like the new white board- it erases nicely and the students can see the board a lot easier.”
  • “I’m pleased with it. Seems to work well and it is much better than my old chalkboard.”
  • “So far so good!!”
  • “Everything was great for me!”
  • “They look great, THANK YOU!!”
  • “Very nice… Clean, no dust, and they actually brighten the room.”
  • “I LOVE MY NEW BOARD!!! I seriously could not be happier with the efficiency and ease of installation and use. Thank you so much!”
  • “I love it!!!”
  • “LOVE THEM!!!!!!!”
  • “I think they are awesome!!!!”
  • “Aaaaaamazing!! My life is sooo much easier without chalk and the dry-erase markers work great on the overlay.”
  • “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! I personally LOVE the White Board. No More Chalky Mess!
  • “Very Convenient!”
  • “I use the boards in the art wing, and they are very nice. No issues to report.”
  • “I love my new white board it works great!!!!”
  • “The white board installation has been great for my teaching, as many students had a hard time reading the chalk board, given many sections had been worn out due to old age.”
  • “It's great! Erases nicely.”
  • “I really like them. They pick up the projector without a problem.”
  • “Unanimously they love them, there is less mess and dust to clean, making their jobs smoother.”
  • “Are we getting them in the other school buildings??? Everyone would benefit!”

Mary E. Hobbs – Tech Resources Teacher
Williamstown High School - Williamstown, NJ
To the “lovely” whiteboard man, we love our new whiteboard surface! It is so fresh and clean looking! Thank you for fixing our whiteboard!

Class 1-A – Teacher and Students
John C. Milanesi School - Buena, NJ
I am writing this to say how much we appreciated Mike Reid’s visit, at which time he provided us with a complimentary whiteboard in our second grade teacher’s classroom. Not only did he do a wonderful job in the classroom, he was gracious enough to even cover our hallway easel, which now looks like brand new. The students were simply amazed when they walked into the classroom and saw the new whiteboards.

Daniel J. Benedetto – Principal
Collings Lake ES - Williamstown, NJ
The product is fantastic; the transformation from our old, dull green board to the crisp, new white board is amazing. Mike Reid, the sales manager, and installer did a great job and knows his product and company thoroughly. The math teacher loves her new board.

Raymond Metzger
Business Personnel Collegiate School - Passaic, NJ
Everase stands by their product. Comes out and services and provides quick turnaround on budgets allowing us to purchase products.

Robert DiMedio – Asst. Principal
Holy Cross Academy - Delran, NJ

New York

It looks great! Thank you for all your help.

Anna Rosenblatt
Ithaca College Gerontology Institute - Ithaca, NY
My entire experience of working with Everase has been exceptional, from my initial conversation with the sales representation to the day of installation. Also, the quality of our new white boards is excellent. We have not had any issues at all thus far.

Rhonda Pekow – Asst. Principal
A. Philip Randolph Campus High School - New York, NY
I recommend your product to all my colleagues.

Dan Connolly – Director of Facilities
Newfane Central SD – Newfane, NY
Everase is a win-win solution for schools who are trying be good stewards of the taxpayers' money, as this product offers an innovative solution and quality product when upgrading classrooms.

Stephen Smith - Associate Principal
Shenendehowa HS-East - Clifton Park, NY
Your product is easy to install and stays on strongly, exact measurements are critical to easy installment of the product. Teachers are very pleased and use daily. Sales representative was extremely helpful in every way and followed-up with us. Thank you for your service, we will use it again in the near future I'm sure!

Neal Benassi – Buildings & Grounds Director
Wynantskill Union Free SD - Troy, NY
Thanks again to you and your team for the quality resurfacing of my whiteboard last Friday. It looks beautiful! The gloss and shine add a welcomed brightness to the room. It erases much more cleanly and easily. The children are equally as pleased. One little girl commented she could see herself in it! A few still cannot believe it is not actually a new whiteboard. They are eager to write on it! I informed my principal how pleased I was with your professionalism, knowledge of your quality product, and appreciated the ease in installation in such a timely manner. She is going to inform our district's head of building and grounds that I would highly recommend your company. My students and I are grateful for the work you did to enhance our instructional setting!

Kimberly Minier – Reading Specialist
Indian Landing Elementary School - Rochester, NY
This is a really great product and is easy to work with.

Bill Shippee – Buildings & Grounds Director
Corinth Central School - Corinth, NY
The install crew creatively solved a unique problem (covered a wall, instead of refurbished a white board). This change happened after they were on site and realized the planned solution wasn't what we needed. Great work!

John Lottes – Director of Campus Facilities
Long Island Lutheran Schools - Brookville, NY
Everase is a win-win solution for schools who are trying be good stewards of the taxpayers' money, as this product offers an innovative solution and quality product when upgrading classrooms. It was an incredible conversion from the chalkboard to the whiteboard - It looked like a newly installed whiteboard.

Stephen Smith – Principal
Shenendehowa High School East - Clifton Park, NY


They covered chalkboards and old whiteboards beautifully for us. I will use Everase when any other board needs to be resurfaced.

Sister Patricia McClain – Principal
Lial Catholic School - Whitehouse, OH
We have been installing Everase on all of our boards as quickly as the budget allows. I highly recommend letting the good folks from Everase install the product. They are so fast; it is just not worth it to DIY.

Tim Reilly – Principal
St. Ignatius - Cincinnati, OH


Yesterday afternoon I had all of my homeroom students choose a dry erase marker and write one word that expressed how they felt when they walked into our classroom yesterday morning and saw our fantastic new whiteboard! All day long, our classroom has been the center of many shrieks of delight and amazement as teachers, staff, and students ventured into our room to view our amazing new gift! I just want to say how easy it is to write on – glides – is the word that describes the effort it takes to use it! With the easily visual differences that our new whiteboard makes, the classes are able to understand the concepts of assignments more easily!

Teacher and Students
Tuttle Intermediate School - Tuttle, OK

South Carolina

Great service and a super product! As an elementary school you appreciate folks who really care about their product and want it to ultimately help kids!

Geoffrey Smith – Principal
Northside ES - Seneca, SC


We were able to resurface one chalkboard in each classroom and our teachers loved it so much that we came back the following year and resurfaced the other chalkboard in each classroom.

Mike Blackwood – Principal
Halls Junior High School - Halls, TN


Thank you Everase! See your whiteboard at work! Using in our veterinary hospital for organizational purposes of hospitalized and surgical cases within our treatment area.

Helen Stein
Parkwood Animal Hospital - Friendswood, TX
Our middle school math room is brighter and the teachers are very excited to have the Everase product in the classroom! Everase was applied over outdated, green chalkboards. The room is brighter and the kids are thrilled to be using colorful markers rather than dusty chalk to work at the bright white boards.

Paige Speck – Business Manager
Pringle-Morse CISD - Morse, TX
West Ridge Middle School has been searching for a solution to convert our old chalkboards to whiteboards...and I think we found it! Everase Corp recently resurfaced one of our chalkboards for free and it's AWESOME! It looks like a new whiteboard, has a great writing surface, and isn't supposed to "ghost". It's essentially a high gloss "skin" that adheres to the board. The resurface was done in January 2017 so we've had several months of usage and we couldn't be more pleased with the results to date. Clark Rachesky, the Regional Business Manager, offered to resurface one in each of our Eanes schools. The offer is for any chalkboard or old whiteboard up to 16 feet in length ($500 value). The process took about 45 minutes and we were very impressed with Clark, who did the work. Last year we had one done by 3M - which the teacher loves - but it isn't as high of a quality (and has seams). This is a better product. Additionally, Clark was a pleasure, very meticulous, knowledgeable, and truly believes in the product. Everase is a BuyBoard member! West Ridge Middle School is planning to convert more. Cost will likely be about $350/board installed if bought in bulk. The product is purchased in 100' rolls and ends up being about $2800/roll installed. You can likely save about $1K doing it yourself....which I assisted with and it's doable, BUT would take a bit of time to learn to do it right. I HIGHLY recommend this!

Diane Dealy – Principal’s Secretary
West Ridge MS (Eanes ISD) - Austin, TX
My classroom boards were outdated and in poor condition. The Everase board put life back into my classroom. I now have twice as much space to display relevant information and it works just as well, if not better, than a traditional dry erase board.

Megan McCleskey – Teacher
Dallas ISD - Dallas, TX
Fabulous install, quick and simple process, easy solution to fix worn out board issues!

Kelli Watson – Principal
West Main Elementary School - Lancaster, TX
This seems like a great solution to replacing our aging boards with a limited budget.

Taylor Young - Operations Manager
Austin Discovery School - Austin, TX


Our classrooms appear much brighter and larger! When the teachers used the MCPS and Promethean Boards against the whiteboards, everything is projected much clearer. The teachers and students are thrilled with the new boards and overall brighter classrooms!

Karen Clark – Principal
Churchland Academy ES - Portsmouth, VA
My teachers love the boards! The installation was professional and the product outstanding. You would never know that they were installed over an existing chalkboard. I would highly recommend to anyone in need!

Carol Moore
Lee Davis High School - Mechanicsville, VA
I’ve searched for years for a way to convert old chalkboards to technology-friendly whiteboards. I’m thrilled to have finally found one! I could not be more pleased with the product or the prompt and enthusiastic customer service you all have provided, and I look forward to working with you to outfit my entire 40 year old school.

Steven Parker
Cedar Lee Middle School - Bealeton, VA
No complaints. The product is great and the installer was very nice to deal with.

Angela Lawson – Director
Grayson County High Career & Tech Education - Independence, VA
Awesome work on the whiteboard in my classroom. I absolutely love it and really appreciate your work getting it up!

Jane Waldrop – Music Teacher
Clearview Elementary School - Herndon, VA
Customer Service was great!! Especially the short time I had working in my favor.

Sabrina Kirby
Loudoun County PS - Leesburg, VA
The product is very good. The teachers who have used the white board are ecstatic.

Scott Fedder – Director of Finance
Grace Episcopal School - Alexandria, VA
Loved the whole experience. Took advantage of the free board during winter break-no sales pressure to purchase additional. We asked for quote for the whole building. Appropriate amount of follow up but not high pressure. Our PTA was able to raise the money and we went ahead with the installation. The teachers love the new boards! Installers were professional and friendly. Sales rep and office staff were great to work with. I would highly recommend this company!

Sandra Goodwin – Secretary
Herndon Elementary School - Herndon, VA

West Virginia

The product is outstanding. It brightens up our classrooms considerably and erases shadow-free. Our county maintenance men installed it in 10 classrooms, so we saved money. The backing/adhesive stayed strong throughout a hot summer.

Mark Stutler
Rivesville Elementary and Middle School - Rivesville, WV

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