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Everase offers revolutionary dry erase surface solutions for classrooms. Brainstorm ideas, communicate effectively and spark ideas in a collaborative classroom with stick-on dry erase products, dry erase wall covering, or dry erase resurfacing material that covers stained whiteboards and chalkboards. If you’re working with an old, ghosted chalkboard or whiteboard that makes it difficult to communicate effectively to your students, are the lessons you’re teaching really reaching those young minds? As your school budget shrinks, we offer the easiest and most affordable way to update your classrooms chalkboards and whiteboards, delivering a superior dry erase surface for less money.

Foster creativity and collaboration with the use of Everase’s innovative erasable wall coverings. Use our Re-stic line to encourage students to take notes. This solution can be cut to any size, making it easy to install on student desks to practice spelling or math problems or on tables in the classroom to encourage group collaboration.

Upgrade your classroom’s dusty chalkboard or stained whiteboard into a superior dry-erase board with our Resurfacing Material, which is easy to implement and install, rendering them a fit for schools with even the tightest of budgets. Everase accessories are designed to help any organization maintain our products, extending the lifetime of our dry erase surface, and maximizing your school’s return on investment.

Our EVERWhite division offers wall-mounted and mobile whiteboards for use in classrooms and elsewhere in schools. These offerings include plain whiteboards, whiteboards with pre-printed graphics, and custom printed whiteboards. EVERWhite also offers cork boards and boards that are part whiteboard and part corkboard.

Benefits of Dry Erase Surfaces in Classrooms

Classroom Whiteboards with Music Staff Lines
Dry Erase Boards for Schools
    • They are cost-effective. Instead of paying for an expensive removal and installation of a new whiteboard, you can resurface your existing chalkboard or stained whiteboard and transform it into a new dry erase surface for a fraction of the cost.
    • They are easy to implement. With our resurfacing material, you can transform your classroom into an environmentally-friendly collaborative classroom in as little as 30 minutes.
    • They eliminate chalk dust. Chalk-dust is a known airborne asthma trigger. According to the EPA, 1 in 10 school-age children suffers from asthma. The movement to eliminate chalk dust from classrooms has never been more compelling. Everase is an ideal solution to the hazards of chalk dust, eliminating chalkboards and their dust completely so students can breathe safely and schools can be responsive to parental concerns.
    • They are environmentally friendly. Our belief of Wipe Away Instead of Throw Away help reduce paper waste and allows your school to break away from the “disposable” mindset.
    • They protect your classrooms technology. Interactive whiteboards are expensive investments that can quickly be damaged by chalk dust. Protect those investments with an Everase dry erase surface, many of which are compatible with most interactive whiteboards on the market.
    • The surface stands the test of time. Unlike chalkboards and traditional whiteboards, Everase’s dry erase products were designed to eliminate ghosting, a side effect of repeated use. Our proprietary surface provides you with unbeatable protection so that you can reuse your dry erase surface day after day, year after year.

Custom Dry Erase Surfaces for Schools

Everase custom dry erase surfaces allow teachers to demonstrate lesson plans and create a creative learning environment. You can customize a dry erase with a pre-printed multiplication table or weekly classroom schedule. In addition to math and classroom schedules, custom school logos/mascot can be printed on surfaces of any size so that the school spirit is always felt.


Looking for wall-mounted whiteboards with preprinted education graphics or with custom graphics? Visit our sister company EVERWhite:

Everase custom printed classroom dry erase surfaces can include:

  • Music staff lines
  • Penmanship lines
  • Traceable graph
  • Traceable grids
  • Calendars
  • Maps
  • Buildings layouts/floor plans
  • Faculty schedules
  • Logos or school mascots
  • Team schedules
  • Playing fields
  • Ball court diagrams
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Athletic programs

Everase also provides Erasable and Custom Printed Wallcovering.

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