Everase has completely revolutionized the whiteboard market. A pretty bold claim, but it’s true!

Traditional whiteboards can quickly become marked and stained with repeated use. You’ve seen it before: chalkboards covered in dust that no cleaning can remove or worse; the whiteboard blackened with marker; the menu board stained with last night’s specials; the sports diagram smudged with the plays from your last game. No matter what use you’ve found for your whiteboard, one fact remains tried and true – traditional communication solutions can’t withstand repeated use.

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Don’t Get Ghosted by Your Dry Erase Surface

Everase is an all-encompassing solution that eliminates common problems associated with your common whiteboards. We have developed a proprietary, technically advanced dry erase surface that can be used in a variety of personal and professional settings. Our specialty coating doesn’t leave “ghosting” or marker residue behind, allowing for vivid, colorful presentations instead of dull, diluted black and white imagery.

We have the capabilities to produce orders in bulk as well as the freedom to customize an order to meet your specific needs. All of our products are guaranteed to perform like new, year after year. Our specialty coating provides a long lasting durability unlike any other, with built-in stain, scratch and chemical resistant properties.

A Communication Solution for All

Everase offers the quickest, easiest, and most affordable dry erase solutions in the industry. All of the products we offer are made in the U.S.A. and backed by our 10 year warranty. We’re a trusted source for everything dry erase, happy to help a variety of markets including:

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A Communication Solution For All

The new whiteboard is amazing! It erases so nicely and doesn't leave behind the scuffs and stains like our old board. I'm excited to draw on it and hope you guys enjoy the creations.
Danielle Forte
4M Communication - Trevose, PA
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Everase was excellent to work with. They returned calls and emails quickly, and were very pleasant. Their quality of dry erase board is extremely high, and all of teachers have been very pleased with their product. They offered us great customer service, and checked on us after installation to confirm satisfaction.
Margie Bowman - Principal Secretary
Midway Middle School - Hewitt, TX
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They are thrilled!  The students noticed them immediately.  I was in 314 this afternoon and they were using the full length of the board for FFA planning for the year.
Mexia High School
Mexia, TX
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We were very satisfied with the customer service, quality and installation of our custom framed dry erase board. In seeking a design that would compliment and match the décor and conference table in corporate boardroom, Everase met our full expectations.
Oil States Industries
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The investigation, purchase and installation was very smooth. Given installation was in a technical office area there was concern about dust on equipment. Everase did an amazing job of keeping the work area sealed off with a plastic wall and clean up was spotless! The rep was onsite for installation completion to ensure all was good. Excellent customer service! Thanks for a great experience.
Khris Leet
Hilton Technology Group, TX
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No one offers a whiter, longer lasting surface. Want proof?

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