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Approved Vendors and Contracts

BCPS has an approved contract for Adhesive Whiteboard Material

Contract #: JMI-632-17


BuyBoard is a trusted and experienced source for cooperative purchasing.

Building Maintenance, Repair & Operations Supplies & Equipment

Contract #: 501-15 (Valid 12/1/15 thru 11/30/18)

Instructional Materials and Classroom Teaching Supplies and Equipment

Contract #: 573-18 (Valid 11/1/18 thru 10/31/19)

COSTARS is a program designed to encourage, expand and facilitate savings and value through partnerships with the Commonwealth. Everase is proud to be a COSTAR!

Office, School and Library Supplies

Contract #: 004-082

Vendor #: 381779

NPIS / ACT 195/90/35 is a program in which Private and Nonpublic schools (Kindergarten through Grade 12) can participate which provides for the loan of textbooks, instructional materials and equipment to Pennsylvania students.

VDMU #: 0000381779

Everase is proud to partner with FastSigns, a company that offers a fast and easy way to find custom signage.


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