Why Everase for Dry Erase Solutions?

Everase isn’t the first dry erase solution provider, but we are one of the only providers that address the specific challenges associated with common whiteboard surfaces.  These traditional surfaces look great the day they are installed, but the true test of the quality of any dry erase product is how it holds up over time.

When it comes to incredible dry erase performance that lasts and lasts, the secret is our surface coating, a result of our design innovation. It’s not like other whiteboard coverings – Everase is a proprietary technology that no one else has. Our surface integrity is the result of our structural innovation. Everase is stronger, brighter, smoother, and glossier by design. It stands the test of time and looks as beautiful as the day it was installed, always.

Whiteboards that ghost or stain (and almost all of them do), fade, or yellow, quickly become frustrating relics that no longer serve a purpose. Everase dry erase solutions look and perform like new because they’re all built with our exclusive, proprietary, technically advanced dry erase surface construction that is stain, scratch and chemical resistant. Our unique chemistry and processing delivers effortless cleaning with just a cloth or eraser. No “ghosting” or any residual marker ink is left behind. Vivid, colorful presentations – regardless of ink color – all wipe away without a trace year after year.

Check out our technical specifications to see how we measure up!

Still not convinced? See what else makes Everase the best in the dry erase biz:

  • Finding a dry erase solution that works for you is simple. Our range of products make it easy to transform any space into a productive environment.
  • We are proudly Made in the USA. Everase is proudly manufactured and inventoried in Warminster, Pennsylvania (just north of Philadelphia).
  • Our dry erase solutions are backed by our warranty. With more than years of manufacturing expertise, we warrant our products for 10 years against manufacturing defects. Our dry erase surface will not lose their original erasability properties under normal use and service.
  • We offer cost-effective solutions. Everase offers a range of high quality products that provide lasting performance, making it easy for us to create a custom solution that meets your needs.
  • Our customer service is unmatched. We have superior technical support in place so that you can always access help when you need it. Whether you have questions about your warranty or need to order additional whiteboard accessories, our support staff are always standing by and ready to help.
  • Our installation process is simple and no hassle. Everase can install a variety of dry erase solutions quickly and easily so that you can communicate effectively. Our installation instructions are easy to follow. Additionally, we offer installation help over the phone and installation services in select areas. If you are in an area that we don’t offer installation in, we’re happy to help you find a local contractor that can assist you.

Everase offers various dry erase solutions that meet your individual needs.  Let us help you integrate the highest quality, most cost-effective solution for you.

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No one offers a whiter, longer lasting surface. Want proof?

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