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Whiteboard Wallpaper - Erasable Wall Covering

Share ideas wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling in conference rooms, think tanks, medical facilities, and more with our Write-A-Wall dry erase wall covering. The writable surface of this whiteboard wallpaper will support collaboration, ideation, planning and other communications and presentations – especially in conference rooms but also in classrooms and lecture halls.

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whiteboard wallpaperWe sell this wall covering material with a glossy dry erase wallpaper surface or a matte surface (which is great for use as a projection surface).

Both surface types are very easy to clean – just wipe off the dry erase marker ink with a micro-fiber cloth or other non-scratching cloth or whiteboard eraser.

Full Wall Marker Board or Partial Wall

The flexible, vinyl material, which comes in rolls, can be applied to part of a wall or the whole wall to give you a full wall marker board. It easily can be wrapped around corners, so multiple walls can be covered with the whiteboard wallpaper. Each roll is 50 feet long by 60 inches high. The material has a Class A fire rating.

Better Option Than Dry Erase Paint for a Whiteboard Wall Covering

Compared to dry erase paint, Write-a-Wall wall covering provides a smoother writing and drawing surface. The dry erase wallpaper gives any room a more professional appearance than dry erase paint. We’re sure you will find the Everase products to be the best whiteboard wallpaper.

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Watch the video to see how easy it is to install a roll of our Write-a-Wall whiteboard wall paper.

Plain White and Custom Printed Whiteboard Wallcovering – See Products

See examples of custom printed whiteboard wallpaper.