EVERWhite and Everase Joined Forces!

We have combined the best of two top brands to enhance and showcase all of our products together!

Joining forces not only allows for a larger product inventory so that you can have all that you need at our one stop shop, but also an easier browsing experience all around. Here at Everase, we offer a wide selection of whiteboard solutions for all of your needs, however with the addition of our EVERWhite products we are now stronger than ever!

What to Expect?

All of our whiteboard products are still available, so not to worry… The only difference now is that we are working to merge both websites together as one. This will allow all products and product lines to be under one umbrella and on one simple site for you to browse.

In the time being, both sites have some products/pages linked to the other site allowing you to still have the full product inventory and catalog. Although the change to one combined site will not be immediate, we will be sure to keep everyone updated and in the loop of all exciting news and information!

Other information

With the combination of both brands, EVERWhite will now have product lines such as Everase, Edison Series, ULTÍmatte, and more… Same great products and services, just on a single site!

No one offers a whiter, longer lasting surface. Want proof?

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