How Everase Resurfacing Material Compares to Other Whiteboard Surfaces

Read how Everase whiteboard resurfacing material compares to the dry erase surfaces of whiteboards commonly sold elsewhere. A roll of Everase dry erase board film will cover several chalkboards or old, stained whiteboards, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new, framed whiteboards. We guaranty that our whiteboard skins will stay bright and white for many years. Read the comparison, then learn more about Everase whiteboard resurfacing material. Our whiteboard skins are easy to install, and are self-adhesive.

EVERASE Resurfacing Material Porcelain Board Melamine Board Painted Steel Board

Product Description

Non-staining resurfacing material that is cost effective and ideal for frequent usage. A simple water/soap solution is used to adhere the peel and stick Everase resurfacing skin to an existing chalk/whiteboard. Porcelain enamel baked onto a surface that is typically steel which gives the board a magnetic quality. Typically painted hardboard that has a clear coating to make it erasable. This surface is more porous than others, making it vulnerable to ink penetration.

A smooth surface that is magnetic due to the steel. Has multiple layers of coatings, with the top coating giving it the dry erase quality.

Stain Resistance

No shadowing or ghosting – even after frequent usage. Both permanent markers and dry erase marker ink can be used and removed with ease. After frequent usage, erasability eventually becomes difficult. Permanent marker can be removed with effort. Prone to staining and smearing. Permanent marker will stain.

Paint is porous and after frequent usage will begin to stain. Permanent marker is very difficult to remove, and will most likely stain.


Extremely scratch resistant. Semi-scratch resistant. Prone to scratching.

Prone to scratching.

Maintenance Easy to clean with water and a cloth. Marker residue that has been sitting for long periods of time can be removed without staining the whiteboard skin. Board needs to be cleaned with whiteboard cleaner frequently. Board needs to be cleaned with whiteboard cleaner frequently and as soon as practical after it is written or drawn upon.

Board needs to be cleaned with whiteboard cleaner frequently.


Variety of markers (from dry erase, permanent, to fluorescent) can be used without damage to the surface. Only dry erase markers can be used. Only dry erase markers can be used.

Only dry erase markers can be used.

Usage Ideal for frequent usage. Ideal for regular usage. Ideal for light usage.

Ideal for moderate usage.

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