Districts Save Time and Money as They Upgrade Classrooms!

By: Dan Griffin

Once they know the facts, personnel of school districts around the country prefer to resurface their old chalkboards and/or poorly performing marker boards — saving significant time and money in the process.

Resurfacing by Everase enables schools to “repurpose” their existing boards and avoid completely the high cost and mess of removal without adding to the landfill burden.

Depending upon the age of your facility, the mastic adhesive holding your boards in place might contain asbestos. Resurfacing by Everase allows your facility to be AHERA compliant for “in place management” of asbestos contained materials.

Everase, the pioneer and leader in resurfacing, offers outstanding maintenance-free performance. Their proprietary, dry-erase writing surface affords unmatched erasability without ghosting. Additionally, Everase delivers proven durability because of its stain, scratch, and chemical resistance. Their high-gloss writing surface dramatically brightens the light reflective value in the classroom, improves legibility and color contrast.

Your decision to resurface creates a chalk dust-free learning environment with improved air quality, preferred by teachers and students. Not only a welcomed relief for asthma sufferers, by eliminating chalk dust, you also protect your significant investments in classroom technology, such as interactive boards.

Installation is quick and easy, using only soap and water — there are never any fumes. Typically a 20-ft. board can be converted in less than 30 minutes, or an entire school in 3 to 4 days.

Everase offers standard and custom printing capabilities with graphics embedded under the dry-erase surface.

As you can see, the right solution for dealing with your old chalkboards is easy as contacting Everase.

No one offers a whiter, longer lasting surface. Want proof?

No one offers better Dry Erase Solutions than Everase. Call now or click here to have a free sample sent to you today.

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