A Brighter Way to a Better School!

By: Christopher Grant

It’s an all too common situation these days, budgets are being cut nearly in half, and emerging technologies demand classroom upgrades. What is a cash-strapped principal to do? Let me introduce Jim. Once upon a time, Jim was the principal of Lacey Township Middle School in Lanoka Harbor, NJ. As school let out one June, Jim was faced with an old familiar dilemma. He wanted to bring his school into the modern technical age.

He envisioned brighter, healthier classrooms for his students. Before Jim could even begin to consider upgrading to interactive learning technology, he had to do something with the old and unused chalkboards throughout his campus. His budget just didn’t allow for major renovations, like tearing out the old boards and safely handling the asbestos risk from the mastic adhesive used to secure them to the walls. So Jim began searching for a solution, which led him to Everase whiteboards.

After visiting the Everase website and seeing first-hand how easily the peel and stick whiteboard material was installed, he was sold. Over the next few weeks, Jim and his reluctant vice principal proceeded to resurface each and every chalkboard in the school in to new, high quality Everase whiteboards, saving thousands of dollars and dramatically improving the appearance and functionality of his classrooms. Jim’s initiative and hard work paid off not just for his school, but for Jim as well, as he was promoted to high school principal and just ordered enough Everase material to renovate his new school this summer!

Easily installed without removing your existing chalkboards, Everase is the most cost-effective way to bring whiteboards to your classrooms. To request a free sample or to learn more about the fast, easy and cost-effective solution for chalkboard and whiteboard replacement please click here today!

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