COVID-19 Dry Erase and Signage for Health Care

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the country and your hospital sees more and more patients, you need to stay safe, organized and communicate. It is more important now than ever to stay connected and do everything possible to inform your employees and patients of new processes and important messages using signs. Everase is here to help by offering temporary dry erase surfaces and signage for your ER, patient rooms, nurses stations, hallways, satellite/field hospitals, testing sites etc. to improve patient and health care worker communication.

Everase dry erase surfaces have a proprietary, technically advanced dry erase surface that doesn’t “ghost” or stain, and is so durable that it is scratch and chemical resistant – perfect for health care settings. We want to offer you the best surface possible during this time. Health care orders are our top priority.

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Plain White Dry Erase Re-Stic

  • Easy DIY dry erase for hospitals to use in a variety of settings like the ER, patient rooms, nurses stations, hallways, field hospitals or testing sites
  • Peel & Stick on any flat surface – adhesive is temporary and dry erase surface can be removed at any time
  • Easily make charts with permanent marker that can be erased and changed later
  • Use to keep track of patient’s needs, supplies, nursing/doctors scheduling, or however you need
  • Excellent cleanability – resistant to harsh chemicals used to disinfect in the healthcare environment

Printed Temporary Re-Stic Signage

  • Temporary signage for patient and healthcare worker communication
  • COVID-19 awareness, safety, social distancing and hygiene signs (handwashing, etc.)
  • Print your own design or have our graphic designers create a design for your needs
  • Easy to hang on any flat surface with our Peel & Stick application method, means no need for hardware to hang
  • Excellent cleanability – resistant to harsh chemicals used to disinfect in the healthcare environment

We are here to do what we know best to support our clients, employees and each other. Please contact us to let us know how we can help with your dry erase and signage needs today!

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