Choosing the Best Dry Erase Surface

By: Juvandy Clarke

Choosing the right Dry Erase Surface can be tricky. Here’s how you can pick the best Everase product to fit your application;


In addition to whiteboards and board resurfacing, Everase provides solutions that will meet the needs of any school. Our Non-Magnetic Panels provide you with a Dry Erase Surface to relay lessons on, while our Magnetic Panels allow you to do that and hang encouraging posters and classroom resources on.


Dry Erase Resurfacing Material: Click here to transform your classrooms.

Our resurfacing material installs over existing chalkboards or dry erase boards with a factory applied self adhesive backing and can be trimmed to fit precisely within any existing frame.

Dry Erase Magnetic Panel: Find out more.

Installs easily over existing chalkboards or dry erase boards. Panels are available with or without self adhesive on the back. Panels come in various standard sizes, but can be factory cut to your desired board dimensions.

Retro Fit Whiteboards: More info available here

These boards are designed with pre-drilled holes, making them easy to install directly over an existing chalkboard or whiteboard. They are drilled into the existing boards frame and available in custom sizes, so you always get the perfect fit. Retro-Fit boards are an ideal chalkboard or whiteboard resurfacing solution when the existing surface is heavily damaged.







Foster creativity and collaboration with the use of Everase’s innovative Erasable Wallcoverings.

Our wallcovering can be installed the same as any commercial-grade vinyl wallcovering. By adhering vertical strips/floor-to-ceiling, you can cover just one wall or an entire room.

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You can also allow students to post their ideas and thoughts on our Re-Stic Dry Erase surface sheets.

Our Re-Stic Dry Erase Surface Sheets are perfect for use on any wall, door, desk, table, cabinet or refrigerator – the applications are endless! Perfect for classroom activities, meetings, to-do lists, messages, nameplates, and labels.

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Everase’s Printed Resurfacing Material features our ultra crisp, digitally printed graphics embedded under our high-quality dry erase writing surface.

Various standard prints are available such as Music Lines, Penmanship Lines, Traceable Grid and Traceable Graph. We even have the capabilities to customize the writing surface with your own ideas and graphics.

Source Customize your writing surface here.






Graphics and Signage Markets

From desktop surfaces to billboard advertisements, Everase offers a way to turn virtually any graphic or sign into a Dry Erase Surface. In a world where information is changed in the blink of an eye, having a quick and easy way to update that information is crucial. Dry Erase Surfaces are the answer!

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No one offers a whiter, longer lasting surface. Want proof?

No one offers better Dry Erase Solutions than Everase. Call now or click here to have a free sample sent to you today.

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