Whiteboard Buyers Guide

The use of whiteboards has increased significantly over the years. You now can find them in many classrooms, offices and many homes. Whiteboard surface technology has also improved, allowing Everase to manufacture dry erase surfaces that don’t ghost or stain.

What Types of Whiteboards and Dry Erase Surface Products Are Available from Everase?

With the current popularity of whiteboards, you can find options for a variety of tasks or uses. These include the following:

Magnetic dry-erase surfaces – Magnetic whiteboards are an excellent option for many classrooms and offices. The teacher or presenter can attach notes to the dry erase surface with magnets or clips. Our EVERWhite magnetic whiteboards are manufactured with a 24-gauge steel backing which allows the board to function as a magnetic surface.

Custom Whiteboards – Another style of whiteboard is a custom printed board. We can customize any marker board with graphics of your choosing. This provides added functionality that can be used for any type of business. For example, medical professionals can customize a board with a dry erase image of human anatomy. Teachers can also use dry erase boards with penmanship lines.

Combo Boards – The combo board is an excellent option for home or office use. These EVERWhite combination boards consist of half whiteboard and half cork bulletin board. This provides an excellent way to keep track of notes or other important information.

Along with our standard whiteboards, we also have a variety of dry erase surfaces available. These include our re-stic technology.

Dry Erase Re-stic Surfaces

Everase manufactures a variety of pre-printed, re-usable dry erase overlays, with common graphics such as calendars, to-do lists and planners.

Calendars – If you are looking for a way to keep track of your monthly schedule, a dry erase calendar is what you need. We even have annual calendars that covers the whole year.

Meal Planners – Meal Planners can be used by households to keep track of meals and what you are planning to make. These can also be used by restaurants to show customers any specials that are currently available.

Notepads – Dry Erase Notepads make it easy to keep track of notes without using paper. Easily keep track of your shopping list, appointments or meetings.

Overlaminates – Dry erase overlaminates allow you to turn anything into a dry erase surface. Our overlaminates are a clear film that can be placed on any surface.

Wallcoverings – Have you ever wanted to write on the walls with a dry erase marker? Our custom dry erase wallcoverings make this possible. Each wallcovering is made with our re-stic surface and we can even create a wallcovering with a customized design.

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