Susan Allen – Teacher
Oak View High School – Oak Park, CA

For several years, I struggled with a board that was worn out. I could no longer fully erase markers regardless of the product and was contemplating covering the board with paper. I have a Smartboard attached to the middle of my whiteboard, which had made it difficult to replace, so your product was the perfect solution. My principal and I applied the film ourselves, as I was too excited to see the results to wait until maintenance staff could do so. It was a bit more difficult than applying shelf paper, but not much more so. We were able to customize the fit around the Smartboard and had plenty of material to go from edge to edge using items I had in my desk — an Exact-o-knife and a credit card. In my 4th week of using it, my only regret is that we did not try this sooner. My board is white, beautiful, and usable again. I use it extensively — for permanently posted schedules, daily agendas, and assignment charts marked off using painter’s tape. Nothing I have put onto the board has marred the finish. Both black and colored white board markers erase easily and completely. The front of my classroom looks clean and professional again and I am able to fully use my board for the first time in years! Thank you!

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