Mary E. Hobbs – Tech Resources Teacher
Williamstown High School – Williamstown, NJ

First, I would like to thank you for your time in walking to each room and inspecting the boards. Our building was built in 1996, and the installation of the chalkboards and bulletin boards were attached directly to the infrastructure of the building, thus making it difficult to remove them from the walls without further damage and much expense. Secondly, your knowledge about the existing whiteboards that I had in the building and their durability made it easier for me to explain to my administrators about not needing to replace them. Your opinion mattered! Also I have to comment that your knowledge as well as enthusiasm of the product was great. I thoroughly enjoyed your consultation. The installment crew was clean, efficient, and well-prepared. The custodians didn’t mind opening doors at all. I emailed the teachers to see how everything was working out in their classrooms after the installation of the Everase material. I would like to share a few of the comments that I have received from my teaching staff at Williamstown High School. Below are a few of the comments.

  • “I really like the new white board- it erases nicely and the students can see the board a lot easier.”
  • “I’m pleased with it. Seems to work well and it is much better than my old chalkboard.”
  • “So far so good!!”
  • “Everything was great for me!”
  • “They look great, THANK YOU!!”
  • “Very nice… Clean, no dust, and they actually brighten the room.”
  • “I LOVE MY NEW BOARD!!! I seriously could not be happier with the efficiency and ease of installation and use. Thank you so much!”
  • “I love it!!!”
  • “LOVE THEM!!!!!!!”
  • “I think they are awesome!!!!”
  • “Aaaaaamazing!! My life is sooo much easier without chalk and the dry-erase markers work great on the overlay.”
  • “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! I personally LOVE the White Board. No More Chalky Mess!
  • “Very Convenient!”
  • “I use the boards in the art wing, and they are very nice. No issues to report.”
  • “I love my new white board it works great!!!!”
  • “The white board installation has been great for my teaching, as many students had a hard time reading the chalk board, given many sections had been worn out due to old age.”
  • “It’s great! Erases nicely.”
  • “I really like them. They pick up the projector without a problem.”
  • “Unanimously they love them, there is less mess and dust to clean, making their jobs smoother.”
  • “Are we getting them in the other school buildings??? Everyone would benefit!”

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