Claire Whittaker – Vice Principal
St. Mary School – Williamstown, NJ

The new whiteboard has many of the students and teachers excited. They are all asking to be next, so I hope we can make that happen. I thought you might like to hear some of the comments the 7th and 8th graders made today when they got to use the new board. I especially liked the last comment because it is my hope as well.

  • “I like the whiteboard better than the chalkboard because they’re cleaner and my OCD won’t bother me with streaks. They’re easier to see”
  • “I like the whiteboard because it’s quieter, easier to read, cleaner, it writes a lot smoother and neater. NO CHALK DUST.”
  • “I like the whiteboard better because it is easier to write on you don’t hear when you write, and there will be no more sounds of nails on the chalkboard.”
  • “I love the new whiteboard. It’s easy to see from far back. It doesn’t make a noise when writing. It also doesn’t have leftover chalk marks so we can see all the math problems”
  • “I like the white board since there won’t be any more stray streaks that bother me to my soul”
  • “I like the whiteboard better then the blackboard because it is easier to see from the back of the room. I also think it’s a lot cleaner and easier to write on.”
  • “I think the whiteboard looks a lot cleaner than the chalkboard. It will be a lot easier to clean and it will bring life to the classroom and definitely make math more fun!”
  • “It felt really nice writing on the board. It felt smooth and soft writing. I like it better than the chalkboard because you don’t have to worry about the chalk dust. I hope we can get the new boards in every classroom.”

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