Hockey Dry Erase Boards

Whether you’re a coach for a club team or a professional organization, a dry erase board can change the way you coach. Everase offers a variety of dry erase solutions that can help you and your hockey team bring home a win.

Wondering why you should make the switch from traditional pen and paper to a dry erase surface? In addition to our whiteboards being completely customizable to meet your needs, they offer the following benefits:

  • They’re cost effective. You can upgrade your current coaching with any of the writeable surfaces we offer, which are easy to retrofit onto any existing rewritable surface, without expunging your entire budget.
  • Being environmentally friendly. Keep your community green by adopting Everase’s mission to Wipe Away Instead of Throw Away.
  • Being compatible with your existing technology. Your hockey organization can stay up-to-date with the latest in tech – all of our products are compatible with most Interactive Whiteboards and doubles as a projection surface.
  • Standing up to the test of time. Our proprietary surface resists ghosting, staining, and scratching, common side effects of repeated use so that you can keep using your dry erase surface day after day, year after year.

We offer a variety of solutions, including custom printed dry erase boards that feature the layout of your rink or arena, erasable wall coverings, and handheld dry erase boards. Any of our Dry Erase Solutions will allow you to coach your hockey team more effectively at any level.


No one offers a whiter, longer lasting surface. Want proof?

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