Touchless Menus for Restaurants, Diners and Bars | QR Code Stickers & Decals

Provide your customers and yourself with the peace of mind needed to reopen your business safely in a time of uncertainty. Here at Everase, we are here to help your restaurant, diner, or bar adapt to the many changes needed to provide your customers with the safest environment possible.

We are offering QR code stickers, digitally printed menu placemats, social distancing floor decals, and any other custom signage you may temporarily need for your business. Our Re-Stic product can be customized to any size needed with your desired graphics. Easily integrate the QR code to your website so that customers can easily access your full menu without spreading viruses and that can be easily updated to reflect daily specials or other changes to your menu.

The product is also peel & stick, so it is easily applied and can be removed at a later time without damage to your surface. Our superior surface, which happens to also be dry erase, is so durable that it is scratch and chemical resistant- perfect for environments that need to be sanitized on a regular basis!

Restaurant and Bar Menus

  • QR code decals for each table to view full digital menu
  • Print featured limited menu to be used as a placemat – add a QR code to view full digital menu and specials
  • Customer Experience – creates a “touchless” environment helping customers feel more at ease
  • Cleanliness – paper menus can be extremely dirty which will spread viruses and bacteria
  • Waterproof- can be wiped down and cleaned over and over again
  • Environmentally Friendly – no need to waste paper and printing costs
  • Organization Agility – easily add, edit and delete menu items and their descriptions

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Features & Benefits

  • 100% contactless and touchless QR Code based system
  • Peel & Stick on any flat surface – adhesive is temporary so it can be removed at any time
  • Excellent cleanability – resistant to harsh chemicals used to disinfect
  • Print your own design or have our graphic designers create a design for your needs
  • Create your personalized QR Code – available in various shapes, colors and even with your logo.
  • We offer bulk discounts to help you save!
  • Quick turnaround times!

10″ x 14″ Menu Placemat


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