Education Custom Printed Boards

Everase offers a variety of dry erase products for use in education. That includes our resurfacing materials that turn chalkboards into whiteboards, and that revive old, stained whiteboards. Everase custom dry erase boards allow teachers to demonstrate lesson plans and create a creative learning environment. You can customize a whiteboard with a pre-printed multiplication table or weekly classroom schedule. In addition to math and classroom schedules, custom school logos/mascot can be printed on boards of any size so that the school spirit is always felt. Our dry erase solutions are ideal for setting and tracking goals in any classroom environment!


Everase Custom Printed Sports and Recreation Boards include a multitude of applications:

  • Schools
  • Sports stadiums
  • Recreation centers
  • Gym/athletic facilities
  • Training facilities
  • Golf courses
  • Sports diagrams
  • Traceable graphs
  • Calendars
  • Field schedules
  • Wayfinding for community centers
  • Anti-graffiti for park signage
  • Team rosters
  • Team logos

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