Custom Equine & Horse Stall Whiteboards

Stable boards are a necessity in any barn. With a horse’s needs changing daily, a surface that can be used over and over is ideal. Everase offers high-quality dry erase boards that are optimal for barns and equestrian facilities. Our custom equestrian white boards can be used in a variety of ways, including stall boards, feed schedule boards, medication tracking boards, riding and show schedule or calendar boards, and more!

Incorporating dry erase surfaces is easily done in any setting, including barns and equestrian facilities. Everase’s dry erase surfaces can be applied to virtually any existing surface, from sliding barn doors to existing reusable surfaces. Our proprietary dry erase surface can offer your equine facility a multitude of benefits like:

  • Affordability. Dry erase surfaces are easy to implement without expunging your entire budget.
  • Eco-Friendly. Keep your community green by adopting Everase’s mission to Wipe Away Instead of Throw Away.
  • Durable. Our proprietary surface resists ghosting, staining, and scratching, common side effects of repeated use so that you can keep using your dry erase surface day after day, year after year.


No one offers a whiter, longer lasting surface. Want proof?

No one offers better Dry Erase Solutions than Everase. Call now or click here to have a free sample sent to you today.

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