Custom Wood Cabinet with Plain and Music Stave Dry Erase Surfaces

Everase was contacted by a person interested in our dry erase resurfacing rolls with music staff lines printed on the material, as well as our plain white resurfacing material.

A few weeks later we received a prototype of what the customer was trying to accomplish. It was two images of the “whiteboard wall” they were building in their woodshop.

There were two side panels that, when opened, would have Everase’s music staff lines dry erase surface, while the middle would have our plain white resurfacing material.

The prototype also included the size of the panels they were building, which helped us with pricing the material and figuring out how many rolls of resurfacing material they would need.

After close evaluation of the prototype, we decided that they would need 50” high x 18 LF of our printed resurfacing material with music staff lines and 9-foot x 50” high Everase resurfacing material.

rendering of cabinet with dry erase surfacerendering of cabinet with dry erase surface, with cabinet doors open

Further customization included the number of staves that would be on the printed resurfacing material. They decided to go with 5 staves instead of 4 – with 15” white space at the top and 5” space between each stave.

The order was placed three weeks later, and they were very happy with the quality of our dry erase material. Once they finished their woodwork production, our resurfacing material was installed.

A few weeks following the completion of the project, they reached out to express how happy they are with the surface and are in need of a dry erase cleaner for the board.

“Our whiteboards are up for several weeks now and they look great! And the bottle of whiteboard cleaner we ordered is helping as well”

They also did a blog post about their experience with this project:

“Here is a blog that I wrote up about the Music Wall and the Everase application.

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See completed pictures below.

whiteboard cabinet


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