Characteristic Property Result
Writeability Use of any dry erase, fluorescent, semi-permanent, and permanent markers and crayons will not damage the Everase surface Better than comparable products
Erasability Dry erasability using Boone 30 day test method 5 lbs/3 rubs or better with all tested dry erase markers*
Gloss at 60 degrees using BYK Gardner / Micro-TRI-Gloss Test Method 100%
Visibility Excellent contrast compared to chalkboards Allows for multi-color presentations Excellent
Printability Excellent marker pen printability and erasability Better than other products
Non-ghosting, non-yellowing product
Both permanent and dry erase markers can be used for permanent and temporary information but then cleaned easily
Durability Scratch resistance using Hoffman Scratch Test 700
Hardness - Pencil using ASTM D3363-74 7H
Wearability Abrasion resistance using Taber Abrasion / 500 g - CS-10 Wheel 500 cycles
Wear resistance using BYK Gardner Sled 5000 cycles
Stain Resistance NEMA LD3-2000 3-4 Stain Resistance Report Coffee, Tea, Mustard - 0 (No effect)
Black permanent marker - 0 (No effect)
# 2 Pencil, Wax Crayon, Lipstick - 0 (No effect)
Chemical Resistance ASTM D-1308 Method B-24 Report Glass Cleaner - No stain
Rubbing alcohol - No stain
MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) - No stain