Resurfacing Products:

          Everase Resurfacing Rolls
          High Gloss White Dry Erase writing surface with factory-applied pressure sensitive backing
          Ideal for chalkboard conversions
          Sold in 56 and 100 ft. lengths

          Everase Unframed MDF Boards
          High Gloss White Dry Erase writing surface; non-magnetic
          Ideal for hiding board/wall imperfections
          Sold in standard 4’ x 8’ panels @ 1/8” or 1/4” thickness

          Everase Steel Skins
          High Gloss White Dry Erase writing surface with factory-applied pressure sensitive backing
          Ideal for hiding heavily damaged boards/walls; changes non-magnetic board to magnetic
          Sold in standard 4’ x 8’ panels

Framed Whiteboards:

           Ready-to-use Framed Whiteboards with marker tray & mounting hardware included
           High Gloss White Dry Erase writing surface; specify magnetic or non-magnetic
           Available in (5) standard sizes:   2’ x 3’ /  3’ x 4’ /  4’ x 4’ /  4’ x 6’ /  4’ x 8’
           Available in (3) frame finishes: Slimline Aluminum is our most economical;
           also available in a solid wood Natural Oak or solid wood Black Oak finish:
           includes (1) set of dry erase markers (4 Lg. chisel tip or 8 Med. Bullet tip) plus cloth eraser

Everase Graphics:

           We maintain and continue to build a library of standard prints; such as Musical Staff lines,         
           Penmanship practice lines, horizontal and 2” invisible grid lines as well as a number of
           Athletic Field and Ball Court diagrams. Ready-to-use Dry Erase Boards or Rolls depending   
           upon your application needs.

           Custom Prints are easily produced by Everase, given our in-house design and printing  
           capabilities. Simply supply us a PDF file of what you want printed and we’ll handle the     
           rest. Or, if you prefer, provide us with your concept (even hand drawn layout) and allow  
           our designers build the digital file for you. Either way, you will receive all of the benefits
           of our proprietary Everase writing surface plus the personalized graphics you desire
           (Corporate logo, School Mascot, Menu Board, or whatever else you care to dream up).

Anti-Graffiti Film:

          Another product innovation from Everase, is this optically clear film and adhesive with a  
          factory-applied pressure sensitive backing. Ideal for protection against Vandalism, this  
          product can be manufactured in rolls or by the panel.


         Everase Dry Erase Markers are Low Odor, favored by professionals and teachers.
         They are non-toxic and conform to ASTM D-4236 and are available in either chisel tip
         or bullet tip models. The chisel tips are packaged in (4) colors (Black-Blue-Green-Red)
         while the medium bullet tips come in (8) colors (Black-Brown-Blue-Purple-Red-Orange-  

         Microfiber Cloth Erasers are recommended by Everase for keeping your writing surface
         in optimum condition and without scratches. A felt eraser is fine but only if it is kept clean  
         and discarded/replaced as soon as it is not maintained.
         Eco-Friendly Whiteboard Cleaner for Wet Erase applications is coming soon!