About Everase

Everase Corporation is the Sales & Marketing affiliate of Finish Tech Corp., which was founded by M.J. Dani, in 1990. With over 40 years of Industrial R&D and manufacturing experience, Mr. Dani holds a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering and has two U.S. patents to his credit.

A leader in visual communication products, Everase offers cutting-edge solutions for the Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Corporate & Home Office, Manufacturing & Logistics and Sports Entertainment markets. Our products are manufactured in our own plant located in Warminster, PA (Bucks County just North of Philadelphia) and are warranted for ten years.

Everase produces an affordable selection of quality whiteboard products which include both framed whiteboards as well as resurfacing options. Everase markets resurfacing rolls along with steel skins and laminated MDF boards that transform existing chalkboards into brand new whiteboards quickly and easily. Our technically-advanced dry erase writing surface offers unmatched erasability with built-in stain, scratch and chemical resistant properties.

In keeping with our Founder’s philosophy, we continuously strive to develop innovative solutions that deliver measurable results for our customer’s needs. One such new development is our expansion into digitally printed whiteboards. We now offer printed designs such as musical staff and penmanship lines, coaching diagrams and planning schedules, as well as customized whiteboards featuring corporate logos or school mascots.

As we so often hear Mr. Dani tell the employees…”I expect every customer to be thrilled with the performance of their Everase product.” Consequently every job function within his company exists to make that goal come true.  Judging from the significant portion of business which comes from repeat customers and referrals, obviously many agree with that sentiment!