Custom Printed Re-Stic Dry Erase Surfaces

Everase can customize any board with the graphics of your choice or our graphics team can design something for you. Like our Dry Erase Whiteboards, you’re getting a superior Dry Erase Surface printed with high quality digital images and colors.

Your images are embedded under the dry erase surface for maximum protection. We can create custom printed Dry Erase Surfaces that are tailored to meet the needs of your specific industry.


Peel, Stick, and Re-Stic these dry erase surfaces with no damage or residue left on surfaces.

  • • Customizable with any graphic of your choosing
  • • Vibrant, digital quality images and colors
  • • Digital print embedded under dry erase surface
  • • No tools required – just peel and stick
  • • Removable and repositionable
  • • No sticky residue left behind!
  • • Unmatched erasability – No staining or ghosting
  • • Permanent marker can be erased easily
  • • Proven durability and superb performance
  • • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • • Manufactured in the USA!


  • Home: On countertops, refrigerators, and other flat surfaces to jot down shopping lists, messages, and notes. On desks or walls in home office spaces to take down information or keep track of brainstorming. In a basement or play area to let kid’s creativity flow without consequence or damage to your walls!
  • Office: On desktops and conference room tables to take notes, jot down thoughts, or keep track of questions/concerns. On walls for brainstorming, tracking sales or other data.
  • School: On desktops and tables to serve as scratch paper that never needs to be thrown out! Practice math problems, spelling, doodling, or brainstorming on any classroom surface.
  • Menu boards: Affix Re-Stic to any wall, door, or table surface in your restaurant to provide customers with the most up-to-date information on drink and food offerings.
  • Point of purchase: Apply Re-Stick to any surface to relay information like specials, discounts, and events.
  • And more!

Custom Printed Designs


Submit your own artwork files or let our graphics team do the designing for you!
See Artwork Specifications for more information.

No one offers a whiter, longer lasting surface. Want proof?

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