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As an architecture firm, creating environments that foster communication and creativity is an imperative part of your operation. Everase is your source for everything dry erase, whether you’re building out a classroom or a board room. We make it easy to spec Dry Erase Solutions into all of your architecture and design projects. All of the Dry Erase materials that we offer can be utilized across the board, from renovations to remodeling and even new construction projects.

Our Dry Erase Solutions are also ideal for in-house use. From Traceable Graphs for blueprints to our Re-Stic line of removable and reusable Dry Erase Surfaces, you can mock up specs for projects anywhere, anytime.


Incorporate Everase Custom Printed Dry Erase Boards into your architectural design, including:

  • Music staff and penmanship lines for classrooms
  • Calendars, maps, and schedules
  • Logos
  • Traceable graphs and grids for educational and business facilities
  • Buildings layouts/floor plans
  • Event planning/project management

Install our Write-A-Wall panels to make it easy to share ideas in any environment. These can also be printed with custom graphics, making it easy for you to meet the needs of any client. Incorporate Custom Printed Dry Erase Boards that meet the needs of your client, whether they need a custom calendar to keep track of upcoming events or a patient information board to maintain medical information. Our Resurfacing Materials and ClearFilms give you the power to make any surface a Dry Erase Surface, so you can create the architecture of the future.

Dry Erase is becoming the new standard in communication. Why work them into your architecture firms design plans?

Whiteboards for DesignersDry Erase Boards for Architects
  • They are cost-effective. Instead of paying for an expensive installation of a new whiteboard, you can resurface walls in an existing space, transforming them it into a dry erase surface for a fraction of the cost.
  • They are environmentally friendly. Our belief of Wipe Away Instead of Throw Away help reduce paper waste and allows you to create an environment that fosters environmental consciousness.
  • They protect existing technology. Everase’s Dry Erase Surface is compatible with most Interactive Whiteboards on the market, making it easy for your firm to retrofit an existing environment that’s already spent time and resources installing an interactive whiteboard.
  • The surface stands the test of time. Our proprietary surface resists ghosting, staining, and scratching, common side effects of repeated use. Give your clients unbeatable protection so that they can reuse their dry erase surface day after day, year after year.

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