Dry Erase Resurfacing Material for Transforming Boards

Don’t spend money on removal or upgrades – we can convert your dusty chalkboards and stained whiteboards into a brand new dry erase surface.

Everase Dry Erase High Gloss Resurfacing Material

Sample resurfacing rolls are offered if your school is not located in an area where a Sales Rep is present.

Instead of paying for an expensive installation of a new whiteboard, you can resurface chalkboards in an existing space, transforming them it into a dry erase surface for a fraction of the cost.

Environmentally friendly;

Our belief of wipe away instead of throw away helps reduce paper waste and allows you to create an environment that fosters environmental consciousness.

Repurpose, Reuse, Resurface! Avoid old chalkboards going in landfills while saving over 150,000+ boards and counting!

Protect existing technology;

Everase’s Dry Erase Surface is compatible with most Interactive Whiteboards on the market, making it easy for your firm to retrofit an existing environment that’s already spent time and resources installing an interactive whiteboard. No more chalk dust!


Surface that stands the test of time;

Our proprietary surface resists ghosting, staining, and scratching, common side effects of repeated use. Give your clients unbeatable protection so that they can reuse their dry erase surface day after day, year after year.

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No one offers a whiter, longer lasting surface. Want proof?

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