Our chalkboard resurfacing options work hand-in-hand with all varieties of interactive whiteboards, which have become the preferred teaching method in schools across the country. By preventing chalk dust from accumulating inside the hardware, and the elimination of water from routine board washing, Everase resurfacing products protect the significant investments made in interactive technology.

To maximize the writing space, convert the entire chalkboard behind your wall mounted Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) with Everase resurfacing options. By utilizing the flanking sides, your teacher and any students writing on the board will not obstruct the projected images on the interactive whiteboard.

In addition to self-contained IWB’s, our Everase resurfacing options are also compatible with the new generation of computer-based learning systems which provide interactive technology when attached to a whiteboard. Entrants into this market segment include MimioTeach by Dymo/Mimio, StarBoardLink by Hitachi, and eBeam Edge by Luidia.

Let Everase update your chalkboards and transition your classrooms to the Future!